Garden Design

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Full Layout Design

Most clients decide to commission a Full Layout Design, together with a Planting Plan. I provide my clients with hand-drawn Plans based on a careful survey, detailed photos and soil samples.

Any design will begin with a thorough discussion with the client to understand what they want from the finished garden, their likes and dislikes, the amount of time they want to put into maintaining it and improtantly their budget.

A meeting at the half-way stage with the sketch plan, will iron out any queries, after which the plan will be completed. A Planting Plan will be provided, with numbered list accompanied by a brief description of each plant. Planting Plans alone, can be drawn up for areas of the garden of for new borders, in a similar way.



Golden Rule

  • Open and honest conversations between the client and the designer are at the root of  a successful design process.

Before consulting the designer

It is always helpful  before I visit, if you can collect some illustrations which help me to visualize what you are aiming for. Either from books, magazines or photos. It is also useful to compile a list of what you want your garden to do for you, maybe favourite plants or plants you dislike.
Consider if you want water in any form, any allergies I should know about and what, if any, pieces of sculpture, pots or other items you want to include. Its also important to know how much time you have available to spend on the garden (be realistic!) and most importantly, your budget.